Towns in Croatia


Colonia Martia Iulia Salona, was the title of the ancient Roman capital of the province of Dalmatia. It was established in a sheltered bay, at the mouth of the river Jadro under the monutain of Kozjak. The place was populated by the native tribe of Delmati and by Greek merchants […]


Split is the economic and administrative center of Middle Dalmatia, with about 200,000 inhabitants. The site was first settled when, at the end of the third century AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace here. Many of Split’s historical and cultural buildings can be found within the walls of Diocletian’s […]


Today Trogir is a world heritage site and a fantastic place to visit whether you just want to enjoy the charming atmosphere of the old town or you wish to discover more about the history of the place.

There is a variety of fine dining restaurants, bars, cocktail lounges and cafes […]